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The world of cryptocurrency brings with it both opportunity and risk. If you have a problem that is affecting you mentally or financially, CryptoSamaritan is here to help.

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Volatile markets

Trading Issues

The highly volatile nature of crypto makes for a high risk trading environment. Obsessive speculation is a type of addiction. If it is affecting you mentally or financially, seek help.

Roulette table

Gambling Issues

With crypto, gambling is easier than ever - and while for responsible users this is not an issue, for some the speed of crypto may fuel an addiction. If you are addicted to gambling, we want to help.

Helping Others

If you are not in need of assistance, but wish to be able to use your time to help those who are, then we have collated a list of ideas and projects. We hope you will consider them.

Info & Contact

We encourage you to find out more information about CryptoSamaritan, why it was made, and to contact the website developer in order to offer suggestions if you have any.