Support for gambling issues

Gambling is not an issue that is exclusive to cryptocurrency users. However, the use of crypto allows gamblers to quickly deposit money, and to feel a disconnect from what they gamble. Seeing a balance in terms of a cryptocurrency as compared to the normal currency they are used to means that they take longer to process what they are gambling, and longer to process the financial implications of a possible loss. To avoid financial hardship, it is important to recognise the two types of gambling.

Gambling for entertainment

The intent of gambling is to provide the gambler with a way to enjoy themselves and have fun. To this end, a gambler should always expect to lose whatever they deposit, and when they lose their deposit they should stop. If the fun stops, they should immediately stop gambling so that they can limit their losses.

Problem gambling

'Problem gambling' begins when a gambler starts to deposit money with the sole intent of making money to reach an arbitary goal - regaining lost money, tripling their money, or anything else. Obsession starts to kick in and emotional pain results when this leads to an eventually serious loss of money, and financial issues.

By recognising the difference between 'gambling for entertainment' and 'problem gambling', as well as the application of a level of self-control, you can avoid financial issues and hardship. If you find you are unable to control yourself from chasing an arbitrary goal when gambling, and you continue despite severe losses, it is likely you have a gambling addiction, and you should seek help.

Help is available

All countries: Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling

In the UK: The UK's national organisation for gambling problem help

After looking at the links provided, we recommend that, if you suffer from a possible addiction, you seek a support group and/or counselling, such as the "Gamblers Anonymous" group. Help is out there, and with it you can stop addiction in its tracks and regain your financial security - don't delay.