This page provides a list of links for quick assistance, if you require it.

Gambling or Speculation Help

All countries: Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling

In the UK: The UK's national organisation for gambling problem help

After looking at the links provided, we recommend that, if you suffer from a possible addiction, you seek a support group and/or counselling, such as the "Gamblers Anonymous" group. Help is out there, and with it you can stop addiction in its tracks and regain your financial security - don't delay.

Depression Help

If, due to problems such as financial hardship due to market fluctuations, you believe you may suffer from depression, please seek help immediately. It is available and you are encouraged to reach out.

US Depression Helpline list: Telephone, Hotlines and Help lines | Psych Central

UK Depression Helpline list: SupportLine - Problems: Depression: Advice, support and information