Support for trading issues

Cryptocurrency trading can be categorised as having three purposes: purchase for use, speculation, and gambling. With the volatility of cryptocurrencies causing increasingly severe fluctuations in the markets, it is important to distinguish between these, and seek help if you believe you are being negatively affected.

Purchase for use

'Purchase for use' is the act of buying cryptocurrencies for use in shops and person-to-person transactions. This carries very little risk if you only buy what you need, and if you do not hold onto what you bought for longer than needed.


'Speculation' is the act of buying a reasonable amount of cryptocurrency, with money you can afford to lose, and holding onto it for the long term. Speculation must always be done with the knowledge that you can lose everything you put in.


'Gambling' is the act of frequently buying and selling cryptocurrency in response to market fluctuations and "hype" in the media and other sources. It is frequently irrational, and almost always results in a loss of money and financial issues.

If you are prone to speculating to the point where you have spent more than you can reasonably afford to lose, or you are frequently trading ('gambling') and unable to stop, it is likely that you have an addiction. If this applies to you, you should seek help in order to prevent possible financial damage and/or damage to your mental health..

Help is available

All countries: Gambling Addiction & Problem Gambling

In the UK: The UK's national organisation for gambling problem help

After looking at the links provided, we recommend that, if you suffer from a possible addiction, you seek a support group and/or counselling, such as the "Gamblers Anonymous" group. Help is out there, and with it you can stop addiction in its tracks and regain your financial security - don't delay.